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6314 Monitor Heat Exchanger Assembly w/ Gaskets




  • Part # 6314 - Heat Exchanger   
  • Part # 6313 Heat Exchanger Gasket 
  • Part # 6122 Exhaust Duct Gasket 


Fits:  Monitor 2400, Monitor 441, Monitor 41, Monitor 40, GF 500,



NOTE:  Minor modifications to this part will be required for installation in all of the models EXCEPT the GF500.  Please review the "Information Section" of this listing for details.  


We may also have this part in stock USED.  Our USED items are in very good working condition.  If you are interested in a used heat exchanger and do not find one listed in our Web Store, contact us and we will list one for you if we have one in stock.  


SHIPPING:   We ship SAME BUSINESS DAY if payment is received by our daily deadline excluding holidays and when we put our store on vacation or when handling time has been increased temporarily.

Please contact us if you need pricing for EXPEDITED or INTERNATIONAL Shipping as costs will vary depending on your location and shipping options.


INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Returns are NOT accepted for International Buyers. We are not liable for lost, damaged or stolen items. We please advise you to "Buy at your own risk" when purchasing internationally as the package is out of our control once it leaves the United States. You may incur additional expenses and or fees charged by your country for this item. The price that you have paid us for shipping only covers shipping the item to you, it does not cover additional fees (import, taxes, etc.) that may be required and collected by your country.


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Monitor Heater Parts # 6314 Monitor Heat Exchanger Assembly w/ Gaskets

6314 Monitor Heat Exchanger Assembly w/ Gaskets

  • This Heat Exchanger fits all larger Monitor Gas and Kerosene Units.  Depending on the model, this unit may need a minor modification.  

    Instructions for Installation of Heat Exchanger 6314 for different models will be included with the Heat Exchanger.

    GF 500 requires no modification.

    All other models:  Monitor:  GF 3800, 2400, 441, 41 and 40 will require modification.


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