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I need my parts FAST!!!  Do you offer Overnight Shipping?

If you would like expedited, overnight, FedEx, UPS or INTERNATIONAL shipping, please CLICK HERE for details and pricing. 

All parts in our Web Store ship FREE in the USA.  The free shipping is usually USPS Ground Advantage (USPS First Class). 


I can't find the part I need.  

Type the part number, name of the part, model of the heater, etc into the search bar in the Web Store and press ENTER on your keyboard to search.

We have an extensive inventory of Monitor Heater and Laser Heater Parts. We have both new and used parts.

If you do not find the part you are looking for, please Contact Us for assistance and we will list it for you.


I need service or repair on my Monitor or Laser Heater and there are no technicians in my area.  

We offer several options for both our local customers and customers located in areas with no Monitor or Laser Heater Technicians for service and repair of Monitor & Laser Heaters. Please click the link below for details.  


Yes, we ship internationally.  Please click below for International Shipping details.

Can I pick up my parts locally instead of having them shipped?

Yes, you may pick up your parts.  Please contact us PRIOR to ordering if you want Local Pickup. 

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my heater in for service or repair or to purchase parts? 

Yes, please contact us to make an appointment.   Please click the link below for details.  

Do you sell Wicks for Portable Kerosene Heaters?

Yes, we sell wicks and accessories for portable kerosene heaters.  They are available in our Web Store.  We have an extensive inventory of wicks.  If you do not find the one you need, please contact us and we will list or order it for you.  We also offer in-shop wick changes and service / repair for portable kerosene heaters.  

I was told that I should not repair my Monitor Heater because parts are no longer available.  

Parts are still available for Monitor Heaters.  We have an extensive inventory of both new and used parts.  If you don't find the part you need, let us know and we will list it for you or order it for you if we don't have it in stock.  There are a few parts that are no longer available for Monitor Heaters but we may have used ones in stock. Click the link below to see the Monitor Heater Parts in our Web Store.    

I'm not sure what part I need to fix my heater.  

We will be glad to help you find the part you need to repair your heater. Feel free to contact us for assistance. Most of the time, we can help you determine which part(s) you need with just a short phone call. If you need extensive diagnosis, we also offer technician consults or you can bring your heater into the shop for repair. In some cases, you may ship the part in for repair by a technician. Please click the link below for a complete description of the services that we offer.

Do you purchase used heaters and parts?

Yes, we do.   We purchase both new and used Monitor and Laser Heaters and Heater Parts.  We purchase from individuals and companies that may have overstock or are going out of business.   Please use the link below to contact us for details.

In-Shop Service & Repair Details

In-Shop Monitor or Laser Heater Service and Repair

Call to set up an appointment to drop off your Monitor Heater for Service or Repair

Same day / Emergency Repair available


Your Web Site Looks Different.  What Happened?

Our web host merged with another company in September 2023 & pretty much destroyed our web site that we have had for so many years.  All of our 560 products in our web store were lost.  The links & information available in our site that took many, many years to build also were not merged over correctly.  We were unable to get help to fix all of this & have been working as fast as we can to rebuild the site.  It is very difficult to rebuild 20 years worth of information.  So please forgive us if there are mistakes, we are working hard to make the site like it used to be.  

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