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REBUILT  Main Circuit Board Monitor 41 M-41 PWB Assembly 6362




Fits:  Monitor 41 ONLY


$100 Rebate will be issued when we receive your Board back.  


NOTE:  This is a REBUILT board and has been tested by our technician.  We require return of the core because these are no longer available new.  Please review the CORE REBATE / BOARD PURCHASE DETAILS information section in this listing prior to purchase.  


NO RETURNS FOR THIS PART - Please contact us if you have questions prior to purchase




SHIPPING: We ship SAME BUSINESS DAY if payment is received by our daily deadline excluding holidays & when we put our store on vacation or when handling time has been increased temporarily.

If you need a shipping option other than the ones we have listed, such as INTERNATIONAL, OVERNIGHT, FEDEX or UPS, etc, contact us PRIOR to ordering and we will make the option available for you. 


INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Returns are NOT accepted for International Buyers. We are not liable for lost, damaged or stolen items. We please advise you to "Buy at your own risk" when purchasing internationally as the package is out of our control once it leaves the United States. You may incur additional expenses and or fees charged by your country for this item. The price that you have paid us for shipping only covers shipping the item to you, it does not cover additional fees (import, taxes, etc.) that may be required and collected by your country.


FEEDBACK: Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal and we strive to earn 5 star positive feedback on every item. If you are pleased with your purchase, we would greatly appreciate if you would take a moment to leave positive feedback. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact us directly to resolve the issue so that we can earn your positive feedback.


Thank You for Shopping!!!


Monitor 41 Main Circuit Board 6362

Main Circuit Board Monitor 41 M-41PWB6362ASSY


    You will receive a $100 rebate (or the amount specified in the listing) upon the return of your board (this includes main circuit boards and switch and lamp assemblies)

    Instructions / Notes:

    You cannot return a board / switch and lamp assembly that is broken apart - the board / switch and lamp assembly has to be in one solid piece with all of the parts still attached including the transformer if applicable. (what you return should look exactly like what you received).  The wires have to be in tact and in good condition.  If the wires are damaged, you will not recieve the rebate.  

    Be sure to properly package the board in the same packaging in which you received it. If the board is broken during delivery, you will not be eligible for the rebate. You may insure the package shipment if you wish. We are not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged mail.  You must return in the same packaging that your board was received in. 

    Completely fill out the REBATE FORM that will be included with your board and include it with your return shipment.

    We strongly recommend that you plug your heater into a dedicated outlet with a quality surge protector. Here is the link to ours: SURGE PROTECTOR. We also recommend that you unplug your heater during the months that it is not in use.

    If we receive a board or lamp assembly that does not meet these requirements, no rebate will be issued. If you then would like the board returned to you, you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

    We offer no warranties on new or used boards / lamp assemblies.

    NO RETURNS for used or new boards or lamp assemblies.

    Why do we have a no warranty / no return policy for both new and used boards and lamp assemblies?

    Sometimes the board or lamp assembly is not what is wrong with the heater to begin with. We also are not able to determine if there are any issues with your installation or electrical supply to the heater. Due to these factors, we do not offer warranties or returns for circuit boards.

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