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Monitor Heater Tune-Up Kit Fits: Monitor 2400, Monitor 441, Monitor 41, Monitor 40



Kit Includes:

  • One (1) Burner Ring (6356)
  • One (1) Burner Pot (6401) with Burner Mat (6363) installed & Rope Gasket (6358) installed
  • One (1) Chamber Gasket (6317)
  • One (1) Heat Chamber Gasket (Outer Igniter Gasket  (6354)
  • One (1) Igniter Gasket (Inner Igniter Gasket - (6115)
  • One (1) Flame Detective Plug Gasket (6119)
  • One (1) In Line Filter Signature will be required for this delivery


SHIPPING: We ship SAME BUSINESS DAY if payment is received by our daily deadline excluding holidays and when we put our store on vacation or when handling time has been increased temporarily. 


If you need expedited shipping, such as INTERNATIONAL, OVERNIGHT, FEDEX or UPS, etc, contact us PRIOR to ordering and we will make the option available for you. We are limited in the number of options that we can offer in the listing but will be happy to add on any option that you need.


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RETURNS:  Please visit our Ordering Parts Info Page for details.  


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Monitor Heater Parts # 6401 REBUILD KIT Tune Up Kit Part # 6356 w/ Gaskets 6317 | 6401 Monitor Heater REBUILD KIT Tune Up Kit Part # 6356 w/ Gaskets 6317

6401 Monitor Heater REBUILD KIT Tune Up Kit Part # 6356 w/ Gaskets 6317

  • Why are there so many different Tune-Up or Rebuild Kits for Monitor Heaters? How do I decide which one I need?

    NOTE:  If you are already working on your heater and need help, a Technician Consultation with our tech that has over 25 years’ experience can save you a lot of time & frustration.  Click here for more info:  TECH CONSULTATION

    We offer several different Tune-Up or Rebuild Kits for Monitor heaters. The perfect kit for you depends on what parts you need to replace & how you are going to disassemble the heater.

    If you want to be very frugal with the gaskets that you replace, that is possible. You can do a lot of the work through the front base panel on a larger Monitor Heater. Our technician, who does this all day every day, can easily replace a burner ring this way. I, on the other hand, when working on a heater, prefer to really take it apart more so I can easily see & get to parts. If I were changing the burner ring, I would take off the top of the heater and the top plate of the burn chamber & have the entire chamber open so that I could easily reach inside the chamber & remove the burner ring to inspect it & replace it if needed.

    By taking the top off the chamber to replace the burner ring, I could see the burner mat & also be able to reach in & clean the burner pot. But I would even go a step further (note: because I do not work on heaters every day like our technician does)...because laying it all out is easier for me...I would remove the entire chamber and heat exchanger from the heater (in one piece) so I could get the burner pot out of the chamber & inspect the burner mat / burner cloth & clean the burner pot. As I said earlier, our very experienced technician can do the job very well with much less disassembly of the heater.

    Either way you choose, we can accommodate with the parts & gaskets you need to get the job done.

    The above examples are why some of the kits have 2 Chamber Gaskets & some only have one. And some kits have the Chamber to Heat Exchanger Gasket & some do not. If you are not taking the Chamber apart from the Heat Exchanger, you may not want to replace that gasket.

    Just consider how you want to approach the task to decide which kit you need. You could always add a gasket on to an order for a kit if you find the kit you want but it doesn't include a gasket you think you need. You could also add a couple of extra in-line fuel filters so that you will have them on hand to replace every year.

    Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help deciding on which parts / kits to order.

    I hope this helps and thank you for visiting our Web Store!!!

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