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Monitor Heater Tune Up Kit


Fits: Monitor 2400, 441, 41, 40             

Kit Includes:

  • Burner Ring (6356)

  • Base Gasket (6350)

  • Burner Pot (6401) with Burner Mat (6363) installed & Rope Gasket (6356) installed 

  • Window Glass (6405)

  • Window Flame Gasket (6125)

  • Window Gasket (6124)

  • Heater Cover Gasket (Outer Igniter Gasket-6354)

  • Igniter Gasket (Inner Igniter Gasket-6115) 

  • Upper Chamber Gasket (6317)

  • Lower Chamber Gasket (6317)                                     

  • Flame Detective Plug Gasket (6119)                                                                                      

  • Large Exhaust O-Ring (6176)

  • Small Exhaust O-Ring (4016)                                         

  • In Line Filter

  • Surge Protector




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Flame Spreader, Monitor Tune Up Kit

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6401 Tune - Up Kit for Large Monitor Heaters (Monitor 2400. 441, 41, 40)

6401 Tune - Up Kit for Large Monitor Heaters (Monitor 2400. 441, 41, 40)

$789.75 Regular Price
$699.95Sale Price
  • IF YOU NEED HELP in working on your heater, we offer in-shop repair if you are close enough & if not we offer technician consults.   TECH CONSULT - IN-SHOP REPAIR INFORMATION

    Depending on how you take your heater apart, you may need additional gaskets for your rebuild.  Here are links to additional gaskets you would need if you are disconnecting the Heat Exchanger from the Chamber or if you are taking them out together:

    Combustion Chamber to Heat Exchanger Gasket

    Exhaust Duct Gasket

    Take extra care when disconnecting and reconnecting the fuel line to the fuel nozzle on the burner pot.  The nozzle can break off very easily.  Also, you will need to reuse the Joint Seal Packing, the Gasket Retaining Plate, and the Burner Pot Insulating Pad

    We offer several different Monitor Heater Tune Up / Rebuild Kits.  You may view the different kits here to decide which one will meet your needs:  

    Monitor Heater Tune-Up Kits




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