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Wick # 508 with pins Kero-Sun Omni 105N


KeroWorld Wick # 508


Kero-Sun Omni 105N, Kero-Sun Omni 105M, Kero-Sun Omni 120A, Kero-Sun Omni 120B, Kero-Sun O230, Kero-Sun 30495

Envirotemp O-230, Envirotemp 30495

Sears 35102, Sears SC-230

Toyoset (By Kero-Sun) O-230

Toyostove KSA-120, Toyostove RC-41, Toyostove WC-105E, Toyostove WC-105F, Toyostove WC-105R, WC-120, WC 120R

Toyotomi KSA-120, Toyotomi RC-41, Toyotomi WC-105E and 105 F, Toyotomi WC-105R, Toyotomi WC-120, Toyotomi WC-120R

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Kero World Wick, Replacement Wick for Portable Kerosene Heater

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