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You will receive a $100 rebate (or the amount specified in the listing) upon the return of your board (this includes main circuit boards and switch and lamp assemblies)

Instructions / Notes:

You cannot return a board / switch and lamp assembly that is broken apart - the board / switch and lamp assembly has to be in one solid piece with all of the parts still attached including the transformer if applicable. (what you return should look exactly like what you received)

Be sure to properly package the board in the same packaging in which you received it. If the board is broken during delivery, you will not be eligible for the rebate. You may insure the package shipment if you wish. We are not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged mail.

Completely fill out the REBATE FORM that will be included with your board and include it with your return shipment.

We strongly recommend that you plug your heater into a dedicated outlet with a quality surge protector. Here is the link to ours: SURGE PROTECTOR. We also recommend that you unplug your heater during the months that it is not in use.

If we receive a board or lamp assembly that does not meet these requirements, no rebate will be issued. If you then would like the board returned to you, you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

We offer no warranties on new or used boards / lamp assemblies.

NO RETURNS for used or new boards or lamp assemblies.

Why do we have a no warranty / no return policy for both new and used boards and lamp assemblies?

Sometimes the board or lamp assembly is not what is wrong with the heater to begin with. We also are not able to determine if there are any issues with your installation or electrical supply to the heater. Due to these factors, we do not offer warranties or returns for circuit boards.

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