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Monitor Heater & Laser Heater Service & Repair

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Hi. Here are the details of the services that we offer: We offer several options for both our local customers and customers located in areas with no Monitor or Laser Heater Technicians. Here is an overview of all the services we offer: In-Shop Monitor or Laser Heater Service and Repair Contact us to set up an appointment to drop off your Monitor Heater or Laser Heater for Service or Repair or your Portable Kerosene Heater for Wick Replacement.

We also offer SAME DAY and WEEKEND appointments (details below) Same day / Emergency Repair available OR Technician Consult Contact us set up an appointment for our technician to assist over the phone in diagnosis and repair of your heater (details and pricing below) If you only need to order parts for your heater, they are available in our Web Store. OR Send In Your Parts For Repair Please call 828 264-1723 for details. In-Shop Repair Details: Contact us to set up an appointment to bring your heater into the shop for service / repair. You can drop off for pick up when complete or schedule SAME DAY or WEEKEND service or repair. (Pricing below) Please be sure to call prior to bringing your heater to the shop. Instructions for disconnecting your heater / fuel. Please call if you have questions. If you have a lifter pump, please call for instructions before starting to disconnect your fuel / heater. A lifter pump is used when your tank is lower than your heater and you cannot gravity feed the fuel to your heater. Here is an example of a Lifter Pump. When you remove your heater, turn off the fuel at the tank. Be careful to not twist the copper line when disconnecting the fuel supply connection in the back of the heater (use 2 wrenches to loosen the fitting). Plug the fuel line coming into the heater and cap the fuel line coming out of the heater. (You may purchase a cap and plug from the hardware store or you can pick up from our shop or purchase from our Web Store using this link: CAP & PLUG and we will ship them to you). Note: be sure you purchase the correct cap & plug (Flared or Compression Fittings - most are flared). You do not need to bring the flue pipe into the shop, only the heater unless there is an issue with your flue pipe. There is a small spring on top of the flue pipe that needs to be disconnected on one end prior to removing the heater. (If a Laser Heater, it will be a Pipe Holder instead of a spring) Please keep the heater UPRIGHT when transporting. The heater may not function correctly and may need further repair if you put it on its side. We ask that you social distance when dropping off your heater. Customers are not allowed to remain in the shop. We will call you when your heater is ready. If you need same day repair, Contact us schedule an appointment. You may not wait in the shop. For same day repairs, drop off as early as possibe and we will have it ready by 5pm the same day. Tips and Safe Operation: Your heater should be plugged into a dedicated outlet with a quality surge protector. If you need one, we have them available in the shop for purchase. You should install appropriate carbon monoxide detectors for your home. The in-line filter from your kerosene tank should be changed each year. We have these available in the shop for purchase. Please refer to our blog with SAFETY TIPS for using your Monitor or Laser Heater. Technician Consult Details: If you are too far away to bring your heater to the shop or prefer to complete the repair yourself with assistance from our technician, call to schedule a consult. The technician will give you step-by-step instruction to diagnose and repair your heater. If you need parts, we will help you with your order, ship them to you and then assist you in completing your repair. Technician consults are $49 / hour M-F 9am - 5pm See below for after-hours pricing Pricing: Technician Consult _____________________________$49.00 / Hour Technician Consult (weekend / after hours)__________$59.00 / Hour In-Shop Service / Repair_________________________$59.00 / Hour Same-Day In-Shop Service / Repair________________$79.00 / Hour Weekend In-Shop Service / Repair_________________$79.00 / Hour Same Day Weekend In-Shop Service / Repair________$89.00 / Hour Wick Replacement in Portable Kerosene Heaters______$55.00* - Total Price including Wick and Labor (*most wicks included for this price) Note: Prices subject to change without notice Payments Accepted: Cash Check (with prior approval) Credit Card We will email directions to the shop when you call to bring in your heater. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. NOTE: We work on all Kerosene Monitor Heaters EXCEPT the ones listed below: We DO NOT work on Monitor 30, Monitor 20 or the LP or NG GF Models - We may have parts for these heaters, but we do not work on them. Please contact us if you have additional questions or would like to make an appointment for an in-shop service / repair or a technician consultation. Thank you. Stay safe and have a great day!!!

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