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Monitor Heater / Toyostove Laser Heater SAFETY

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Hi.  This post is to point out some actions you should take to be sure that you are operating your Monitor Heater, Laser Heater or Portable Kerosene Heater safely and efficiently.  Monitor Heaters and Toyostove Laser Heaters are very safe and efficient units and there are steps you should take to maximize the safety and efficiency of your unit.  

Here are a few suggestions:  

Install a quality Carbon Monoxide detector in your home near your heater.

Plug your heater into a dedicated outlet with a quality surge protector.

Be sure that there is proper clearance all the way around the heater.  This will allow for the most efficient and proper function of the unit.  The details on clearance around each heater are explained in your Owner's Manual.  If you do not have an Owner's Manual for your heater, they are available in our Web Store or you can contact us for the details for your heater.

Change your In-Line Fuel Filter each year to be sure you are burning clean, pure kerosene.  Be sure to check for leaks any time that you disconnect and reconnect any fuel line fittings.    

Thank you for visiting our Web Site and please feel free to CONTACT US if you need assistance or have any questions.  

I hope this helps.  Stay safe and have a great day!!!

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