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Hi.  I wanted to write addressing current issues with USPS.  There have been some issues with delays in packages.  However MOST of the packages are being delivered with no issues.  It seems as there may be additional delays in the next few months.  This is also the time that customers are turning on their Monitor Heaters and Laser Heaters for the season and the time that most orders of parts for service or repair of Monitor & Laser Heaters are made.  

We ship very quickly, usually same day shipping so that you get your parts quickly.  If the item is under one pound it is normally shipped USPS First Class.  If over one pound, it is USPS Priority Mail.  USPS and FEDEX Overnight, upon request only.  

I think that MOST packages will be delivered as normal for the remainder of the year.  However, with the current USPS issues being reported, I would suggest upgrading shipping to one of the following options:

USPS Priority Mail and adding insurance

FedEx with insurance

It is very important to us that you get the parts for your Monitor Heater or Laser Heater as quickly as possible.  That is why I am making this suggestion.  We will still do our part in shipping parts the same day if ordered by the cut off time.  But we have no control over USPS.  Please consider the minimal cost to upgrade your delivery to help insure timely delivery of your parts.  

If you would like to upgrade delivery on your package, please contact us when you place your order. 

Thank you, stay safe and have a great day!!!

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