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Laser Heater Igniter                              FREE SHIPPING -USA


Part # 20475518


Fits: Laser 73, Laser 56, Laser 72


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    Laser Heater Parts # 20475518 Igniter for Laser Heater (Toyotomi) Laser 73,56,72

    20475518 Laser Heater Igniter

    • It is important to diagnose why your igniter failed before replacing it. If not, then the new igniter you install may fail as well.

      Most common reasons for igniter failure:

      • Water in the fuel (more details below)
      • Pressing the "reset" or "primer" button repeatedly
      • Something touching the igniter (curled burner mat, etc)
      • Age - igniters with proper maintenance of the heater last many, many years (10++)

      Best practices to avoid igniter failure:

      • Eliminate all water from the fuel
      • Use only K1 Kerosene
      • Change the in-line fuel filter every year
      • Clean the internal strainer every year
      • Water must be eliminated from the system. If you do have water in the system, be sure to clean it out all the way from the burner pot to the tank. You may have to disconnect the lines and blow them out.

      If you need assistance in diagnosing why your igniter failed or how to clean the water from your system, you may schedule a technician consult.

      Other purchase options:

      Laser 73 Igniter with Gasket

      Laser 73 Igniter with Gasket and Filter

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