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Monitor Heater Extra Short Extension Kit



Part # 8212 Part # 159012 (equivalent)

Fits: All Monitor Heaters


NOTE:  Photos are only examples of installations using an extension kit.  This extra short kit will not go nearly as far as the ones in the example photos.  


This part extends the distance BETWEEN the exhaust on the back of the heater and the flue pipe that goes through the wall from 7 1/6" up to 11 1/2"

  • Use this part if you need to exhaust your heater anywhere but directly behind the can exhaust to the left, right or up by the measurements stated.
  • This part connects to the flue pipe which is NOT included.
  • If you have a thick wall to go through, you will need a Flue Pipe Extension and those are available in our web store.


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Thank You for Shopping!!!

8212 Monitor Heater Parts # 8212 OR Part # 159012 EXTRA SHORT Extension Kit

  • Monitor Heater Extension Kits

    We have four different Monitor Heater Extension Kits.  These kits are listed below with details. 

    • Monitor Heater Extension Kits are for installations where you need to install the flue pipe somewhere other than directly behind the heater. 
    • You can have the flue pipe up to 16.5 feet away from the exhaust port on the back of the heater (Left, Right, Diagonally, or Up) but not down. 
    • You must have a Monitor Flue Pipe (not included in this sale) to connect the extension kit to.  
    • This kit increases the distance from the exhaust and air ports on the back of the heater to the exhaust and air ports on the flue pipe.   
    • Toyostove Laser Heater Extension Kits and Flue Pipes are NOT interchangeable with Monitor Heater Extension Kits and Flue Pipes.  

    Monitor Extension Kit Options:

    Maximum Lengths and Bends Allowable using Extension Kits:

    Refer to photos included in listing for examples

    • 16.5 feet MAX length - 1 (one) 90° bend 
    • 13 feet MAX length - 2 (two) 90° bends 
    • 10 feet MAX length - 3 (three) 90° bends 

    You may have to use a different Air Damper if you use an extension kit:  

    Depending on which model Monitor Heater that you are installing as well as which extension kit(s) and your altitude, a different Air Damper may be required.  Please Contact Us for details.  


    If you have a thick wall to go through, you will need a Flue Pipe Extension and those are available in our web store:  

    Standard Flue Pipe (walls up to 8.5 inches thick)

    Medium Adjustable Flue Pipe (8.5 inch to 12.5 inch wall thickness)

    Long Adjustable Flue Pipe (12.5 inches to 20 inches wall thickness)

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