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Kerosene vs Propane - Which is the most Cost-Effective Choice?

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018

It is not cheaper to heat with propane at current get a lot more BTUs out of kerosene.

In Watauga county a gallon of propane costs $2.59 per gallon and a gallon of kerosene costs $3.10 per gallon (this is approximate, price depends on how much fuel you use per year)

One gallon of propane yields 91,000 BTUs.

One gallon of kerosene yields 135,000 BTUs.

7.4 gallons of kerosene=1 mill BTUs, cost $22.94

10.99 gallons of propane=1 mill BTUs, cost $28.46

This really adds up over time.  With this example, there is a 19.3% savings when using kerosene.  That is why Monitor Heaters and Laser Heaters are such a popular choice for heating in extreme climates like the High Country of North Carolina and Alaska.  

Note that other factors are important as well such as the AFUE rating of the heating unit.  For example, the Rinnai EX38C Direct Vent Heating System has an AFUE rating of 80%.  The Laser 560 Direct Vent Heating System has an AFUE rating of 87%.  In this particular example, the AFUE ratings would greatly increase the savings when choosing the Kerosene Laser Heater over the Propane Rinnai Heater.  

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